Reading Romances May Challenge

It’s May! When did that happen? I know, it follows April, but it seems like the days are just flying by lately! So I met the April Reading Romances Challenge and I went over to Reading Romances for the May challenge. There are lots of books out this month by some of my fave authors. Here’s hoping one of them will fit one of the challenge categories below.

TOPICS: 1) Read a futuristic or sci-fi romance.

THEMES:  2) Read a book by a favorite author or from a favorite genre. 3) Read a book by recommended by a friend

SPECIAL EVENTS: 4) Memorial Day: Read book whose author is now deceased. 5) Mother’s Day: Read a book where the heroine is a mother, the hero or the heroine spends the book searching for or trying to get to their mother.

Well, I’m already working on challenge one as I’ve been reading more of the books by Jayne Castle set in her futuristic world of Harmony. Those have been lots of fun. But for this specific challenge, I’ll go with 3) and choose a book recommended by a friend. I think I’ll go with two books actually.

First, I’ve heard great things about Witch Dance by Peggy Webb so that will be my primary goal this month. And a good friend and I are enjoying the Inn Boonsboro books by Nora Roberts, so I’ll add that to the list.

Beyond that, I have a two books to read for author friends, and with my own writing, that should take care of May for me!

Congratulations to TinMiki, and Kimberly (plus the totebag), winners of The Matchmaker’s Mark ebooks at Reading Romances! If you haven’t signed up yet, I hope you’ll join us on the Reading Romances challenge- we’re having a great time and enjoying great prizes along the way too!

Live the adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author

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