Reading Romances 2012 March Challenge

Woot, check out my spiffy new badge for completing the February challenge. So nice of Nat to make that up for us! Whether your fave genre is paranormal romance novels or sweet contemporary, or anything in between, Nat posts reading challenges and giveaways to stretch your reading horizons.

If you haven’t joined the fun yet with the Reading Romances 2012 Challenge, take a minute to visit the site and check it out. You can join at anytime and we’re a friendly bunch of readers.

The March reading challenge is laid out a bit differently, which I found clever and engaging:

– read a book whose author either has a three-word name or carries an official middle initial.
– read a book that you have previously started and meant to continue, but keep failing to do so.

– read a book that is set in Scotland or has a Highlander as a character.
– read a book with a medical theme, plot, cover, or setting.

International Womens’ Month: – read a book that has a single female figure on the cover.
Reading Romance’s Blogiversary: – read a book that has been reviewed or featured at the blog!

Which gives me lots of room to stretch -as book choices go… I love Highlanders (with a passion that borders on addiction). And I’ve been meaning to catch up on the latest from Karen Hawkins and the Hurst Amulet series, so if I get time, I’ll add that to this month’s challenge.

But in honor of International Women’s Month (and the single female on the cover), I’ll read Mind Reader by Vicki Hinze. Isn’t that cover cool? And here’s the blurb:

Caron Chalmers is an empath. A mind reader cursed with imaging only victims. She sees what they see, feels what they feel, endures what they endure and has since she was seven. But even with all the sensory perception and insights, sometimes she fails to save victims in time.

Sometimes she interprets the signs wrong—and a year ago, she did exactly that. She messed up and a victim died. Caron nearly died with her. Her “gift” shut down.

Now it’s back. There’s another victim—this time a child—and because of the mistake made last year and the shut-down, her police contact, though aware of her many successes, isn’t willing to stake his career on her. Yet he can’t dismiss her and calls in help from a private investigator, Parker Simms: a man with a past as bleak as Caron’s and a specific agenda of his own: proving Caron Chalmers is the fraud he believes her to be.

In a hostile alliance, Caron and Parker seek the truth . . . and discover a labrynth of lies and deceptions that require skills and experience they have and trust they don’t but must somehow find before the child becomes another victim lost. Yet trust never comes without costs, and some are too steep to pay. 

The situation grows desperate. Time for the child’s survival grows short . . . and for Caron and Parker, who must live with the consequences of missteps and wrong moves, the unthinkable happens: Stakes that couldn’t get any higher soar.

I’m intrigued and really looking forward to this novel!

Live the (reading) adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author



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