Reading Romances 2012 December Challenge

Eeek! I mean Happy Holidays! Where has the year gone? Although I must say thanks to Nat and her reading romances challenges I’ve spent some time reading wonderful books!

Having reached the end of the 2012 Challenge, we only have until December 15 to get our reading and reviews in, so it’s smart to keep it simple.

1) A book that you are reading for another challenge, preferably one that you are wrapping up for the year.

2) Christmas Theme: Read a book that has a Christmas related word in its title (mistletoe, christmas, holiday, santa, reindeer etc) or has a Christmas themed cover.

And remember, we only have till December 15th to complete this month’s challenges!

I hope you’ll join in the fun and accept one of these challenges too.

My choice this month is Twas the Night After Christmas by Sabrina Jeffries! She says it’s a bridge between the recent Hellions of Hallstead Hall series and her new 2013 series. I can’t wait! It sounds like a real holiday historical romance treat. Here’s the description (from the Amazon page):

Pierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, has led an unabashed rogue’s life, letting no woman near his heart. Inexplicably abandoned as a child to be raised by distant relatives, he never forgave his parents, refusing to read any of his mother’s letters after his father’s death. Then came a letter that shook his resolve.

A Christmas visit to Montcliff might prove his last chance to discover the truth of his past, and come to terms with the stranger he calls “Mother.”

But two surprises await him at Montcliff. His mother is perfectly healthy, nowhere near a deathbed, as her meddling lady’s companion led him to believe. The second is Camilla Stuart herself, a lively vicar’s widow, too bright and beautiful not to arouse the scoundrel in Pierce.

Though she alone is reason enough to prolong his stay, he is soon faced with other tantalizing riddles: What secrets lie in his mother’s past to explain his childhood abandonment? Why is the captivating Mrs. Stuart so determined to mend the breach between mother and son? Meanwhile,

Camilla herself is caught up in love’s complications since the arrival of the irresistible earl. As his bold flirtation and suggestive whispers draw her dangerously close, can anything protect her vulnerable heart? If they are destined to share real happiness, there must be honesty between them—yet telling him the truth about her own life may shatter that chance.

None of them can predict the startling revelations to come. Or the secrets, both heartening and shocking, divulged between a mother and son, and between two lovers haunted by their respective pasts, that will make Christmas night at Montcliff one to remember—and the glorious night after, one to treasure for a lifetime.

Live the adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author


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