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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! I hope it’s filled with people and treats you love (including good books)… it’s not a huge event at our house (aside from our traditional day to do the taxes) but we do exchange small presents like cards, chocolates or books…

One of my favorite presents this Christmas, aside from spending more time with my collegiate daughter, was a new speaker for my ipod. Yes, I specifically asked for this gift and told them why I wanted it, but I let them decide which one would work best.

As I continue my writing career, developing both the lighter and darker sides of my writing voice for my urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels, I’m constantly finding things that increase my daily productivity. I learned eons ago that one of those things is music.

I was thrilled when I received an iPod for my birthday a few years back, because it made it easier to tune out the daily¬†cacophony of bickering siblings and such. Having earbuds and headphones is great – fine, call it essential! – but there are times when it’s tiring too.

Now, with my portable speaker system, I can enjoy my music wherever I want to write and still hear the pets (which is important when I’m the only one in the house). Technology advances are so COOL!

Honestly, I didn’t make this move earlier because I thought I was just being a gadget gal, fueling my addiction for the latest new thing. I mean really, shouldn’t the ipod be enough? Isn’t having a music station option or cd listening option through the tv and computer enough?

Apparently not.

The longer I’m on this writer’s journey the more I learn about what I can do to boost my enjoyement of the process. Having a charging station with a speaker for the ipod will prove to be a big boon as I continue to broaden my horizons in writing action packed novels for readers.

As a bonus I’ve learned Bandit,¬†our youngest greyhound, likes to come on over and snuffle at the speaker. I didn’t realize how much he enjoys my music too.

Live the adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author

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