Non-Fiction Recommendations From A Paranormal Romance Author, part 2

Today the In Praise of Non-fiction series continues with Smart Self-Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author by Zoe Winters. Winters is a successful paranormal romance author who’s laid out a clear road map to help others.

I didn’t pick up this book because she’s a paranormal romance author, but I will pick up her paranormal romance novels after reading this non-fiction book.

In the same distinct and direct voice I’m familiar with from her blogging, Winters’ book was as pleasurable a read as any of my favorite novels. I loved it, from the opener: “Publishing is changing. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know this.” through all the technical information and common sense business approach.

Winters has done a great job boiling down the essentials of self-publishing, providing paranormal romance authors, like me, and writers of any genre who are interested and determined to go indie with easy to comprehend tools, strategies, and solid advice.

With her grasp of formatting and technical expertise, she provided enough detail to inform and be effective without making my eyes cross. I can’t say how much I appreciate that alone.

As the publishing landscape changes – fine, it’s been a landslide – I appreciated the chapter that’s one part assessment and two parts motivation designed to help authors objectively consider whether going indie is the right decision for them. Going indie is not for everyone, regardless of the trends, and Winters has been doing the self-publishing thing long enough to know. Her clear and honest insight can really benefit a writer who’s not sure which direction is best.

Additionally, Smart Self-Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author is packed with relevant advice and clear suggestions on all aspects of publishing as a business. For me, as a paranormal romance author, this aspect really resonates. Writing for the beauty of the art form is fine, but writing for publication is a business and authors need to be informed enough about options to make good business choices.

Winters’ book is really a combination of technical support and motivation. Her enthusiasm for the topic and her willingness to share from her mistakes and successes makes this a valuable book for writers who are determined to craft their own success stories and protect their own business interests.

Live the adventure!

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