Memorial Day Blog Tour de Troops Schedule

The amazing blog hop charity event: Blog Tour de Troops begins tomorrow. This is a great, fun opportunity for readers and authors to interact! Commenters receive free ebooks, an entry for the grand prize kindle, and even better…commenting means  giving a free ebook to the men and women who protect this country!

Join the fun this Memorial Day Weekend when we have a blast blog hopping to dozens of author sites where each is giving away not only an eBook to each commenter, but another one to a troop! When you visit a blog, you can designate a specific soldier you’d like the eBook to go to or allow Blog Tour de Troops to select the soldier.

Please help us make this Memorial Day weekend memorable! I’ve listed the schedule below for your convenience.  I’ll see you right here on Sunday (I’m giving away Veil of Justice)

Plus! On Sunday you can also visit me for a special interview and giveaway at Laurie’s place!

Live the adventure!

Friday the 27th…

Amber Scott–
Stacey Wallace Benefiel–
Jennifer Provost–
Jonathan Gould–
Kat Lively–
Joel Goldman–
Sonia Rumzi–
Dawn Wilson–
Roy Finch– 

Saturday the 28th…
Rachel Thompson–
Fred Venturini–
Stacey Kennedy–
Arshad Ahsanuddin–
Pandora Poikilos–
Eliza Gayle–
Sharon Gerlach–
Gary Ponzo–
Billie Hinton–

Sunday the 29th…
George Sirois–
Regan Black–
Brandy Hunt–
Terri Long–
Lili Tufel–
Judie Gaines–
Laurel Osterkamp–
Jeremy Rodden–

Monday the 30th…
Carolyn McCray–
Nicole Galland–
Louisa Bacio–
Rachelle Reese & John E. Miller–
Tracy Bull–Blog url:
Chiczo Frenic–

Laina Turner–
Richard Sutton–
Augusto Pinaud–

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