Octoberfest For This Alpha Female Author

If you visit here often, you’re probably aware that I consider myself the alpha female of my domain. And you’ve probably heard I’ve been dealing with a back injury, patiently going through physical therapy and rather impatiently waiting for a solution. (although I’ve rediscovered the medicinal benefits of margaritas so it hasn’t all been hell).

So when I finally got bumped up to a neurosurgeon, this alpha female was so very hopeful a positive resolution was in sight.

Because I’m one of those go and do sorts of people. I used to run (for fitness, not just to escape my fictional villains), clean house (for the sense of accomplishment), and generally live my life with no more than an occasional ache or pain. Now, in part due to my housekeeping habit, I can’t do any of those things.

Sure, I’ve joked here and on social media that I write paranormal romance novels with kick-butt alpha females because they can do all the things I can’t, but after learning that any hope of resolving my condition is ten to fifteen years away, it’s not so funny.

At least not at the moment.

Here we are, in one of my favorite seasons (for books and life) and as the alpha female of my world, I’d done the research and went into my ‘fix me, please’ appointment with a positive attitude. I mean, the month was busy and I have a deadline, but we could make time to make me feel better. Except, in this age of medical miracles and advancements, they can’t fix my problem.


While I still contend attitude is everything, it is taking a major effort not to crumble in the face of such long term limitations and pain management. As per the norm, I sat down to my desk (remember that deadline) and stared at the alpha female character jumping off my computer screen. I found myself insanely jealous of her ability. Ability I, as the paranormal romance writer,  gave to her.

Looking around, at anything other than her, my gaze landed on a sign I placed on my bulletin board long before I was published:

Quitting is not an option.

It’s October, a month that brings fabulous changes like cooler weather, colorful trees, and lots of activity in the paranormal romance world. It’s my month to craft a new story with a new alpha female, and celebrate all I love about my job as a paranormal romance writer. While it won’t be a month that ‘fixes’ me physically, I refuse to quit my life or give up the alpha female characters who can run, clean house, and heal quickly from any injuries they incur in the story.

Live the adventure!

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