Jaden Michaels Alpha Female & Part Two Justice Incarnate Character Interview

Part Two of the Jaden Michaels Alpha Female  interview: We’d been discussing Jaden’s favorite era and what she might like best about living there…

RB: It seems you and your attitude would surely suffer under the strict social standards of America in the ’50s?

J: “I’ll always be me, in any era. Shouldn’t that be the primary goal of every person? To find what you’re good at and use it to help make your world better?”

RB: Good point. Do you share this philosophy with your students?

J: “I share whatever it takes to make them realize they don’t have to settle for what the world dishes out.”

RB: Experts in self defense often advise not to aggravate the attacker.

J: “I advise empowerment. Of course, we discuss scenarios, strategies. Bottom line – they know they don’t have to go down easy – if at all.” She tapped her temple. “In a crisis the person who can think can wins. My students have options, making it easier to keep thinking.”

RB: It made sense and didn’t seem nearly as simple as learning to kick where it hurts. Getting back to you, personally, what do you consider your defining moment?

J: “In which lifetime? The obvious answer is the moment before each of my deaths. Or the moments when I was victimized? Making the decision to not be a victim impacted the rest of my choices right up to the moments before my deaths. However, since I’m still living this time, blissfully happy with my husband and family, the overall defining moment was learning when to trust my heart.”

A statement which, in this interviewer’s opinion, brings us back to, and puts a wrap on, the original alpha female question.

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