Jaden Michaels Alpha Female A Justice Incarnate Character Interview

Regan Black: My guest today is Jaden Michaels, a self-made woman doing good work in a bad neighborhood in 2096 Chicago. A battle-scarred martial arts expert, Jaden strives to help those who can’t defend themselves against predatory criminals.

RB: I started each interview with the following question: We’ve heard all about alpha males, that they lead – from a distance. What does it mean to you to be an alpha female? Read on to see where it all led…

Jaden: “For me it’s about doing what needs done, whenever it needs done, no matter the consequences. You can’t just leave people – of any age or gender – out there to deal with the nastiness alone.”

RB: Isn’t that what law enforcement is for?

J: “They’re overworked. Have been for centuries. I know, I’m married to the former Chief of Police. Sometimes things need a personal, subtle touch.”

RB: That sounds like a threat – a vigilante attitude.

J: “Only if you’re a criminal.”

RB: Sitting here, in the presence of someone who oozes lethal power I was more than a little unnerved. So I changed the subject. What’s your favorite primary color?

J: “Yellow.”

RB: Would you please elaborate?

J: “I like it. It’s bright and happy.”

RB: I moved on. How is the self-defense school doing?

J: “In this neighborhood business is always booming. But in the suburbs, we’ve got full classes each week too. Everyone deserves the confidence that comes from knowing you have options.”

RB: Options?

J: “Other than surrender, I mean. Someone asks for your wallet – or worse- it’s better to know you have a few surprises for them. Criminals shouldn’t have it easy.”

RB: Of course not. But don’t you operate on the fringes?
Jaden smiled, and refused to comment further.

RB: Hmmm. Are you a cat or a dog person?

J: “Dogs, definitely. I like something that comes when I call. You can’t count on cats for any real loyalty.”

RB: Loyalty matters?

J: She glanced at the desk hologram of her husband. “Always.”

RB: If you could live in any era, which would you choose?

J: “The 1950s. It was idyllic. Or it seems so now. Criminals weren’t so grotesquely imaginative.”

RB: Do you relate everything to the criminal element?

J: She shrugged. “Old habits die hard.”

Since we’re out of time today, please join us next week for the rest of the interview with Jaden Michaels alpha female from Justice Incarnate.

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