I Would Rather Be World Building For Paranormal Romance Novels

So maybe I spent my Sunday on my knees rather than at the keyboard, but it was one of those home repair scenarios that just makes you grateful for professional plumbers and strong husbands. And good friends who listen without judging.

My friend asked if, being an intelligent alpha female, I sat back and did some paranormal world building while the men in my life (husband and son) dealt with the wobbling, leaky toilet. No, silly me, I used my computer in an effort to help and wound up smack in the heart of the problem – when the internet resource told me it was a relatively easy fix.

No sense calling a professional when we can do it ourselves!

We’ll call it a family bonding experience and chalk it up to character development. I mean when you’re an alpha female in the thick of wax seals and broken bolts, that’s when you really get to know a person, right? By the way, if my back was healthy, I would’ve been able to do most of it on my own – the way I prefer to tackle home repair.

Truthfully, it wasn’t nasty as much as messy. The wax seals hidden on the bottom of toilets are bizarre and rather impervious (by design, obviously) to water clean up.  So while my husband ran out for replacement parts I stayed home trying to dissolve the stupid thing so we could repair and replace it with something new.

My friend asked me if I used my super laser sword. (Gotta love a friend who’s a reader and a fan). Alas, no sword in my reality, only in the paranormal worlds I build up in my imagination. So once again, many thanks to internet resource! My trusty putty knife, glass cleaner, and a heap of rags worked their last job for our family and conquered the gooey seal of wax.

My friend then says (after hearing the whole story) that it sounded like a good blog post. What? What sort of world does she think I live in that I’d find even blogging inspiration on the bottom of a toilet?

Ah, let’s mark that last question as rhetorical.

It seems my friend is ever so smart – and knows me ever so well – to think I’d use the rather strange events of my real world day here at my blog.

Live the adventure!

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