Female Heroines: Power To The Comic Book Characters

Don’t look now, but the AVENGERS are here! Or rather, they will be as soon as the delivery truck drops off my DVDs. Yes, I pre-ordered the Avengers movie – despite the three trips I made to see it in theaters. (Once in 3-d) And I cannot wait to watch it again (and again and again…)

You get the point. Hey, it is a Joss Whedon film, which means the writing and story line are superb. And the eye candy of Hemsworth, RDJ, Evans, et al is no hardship.

But thinking about this DVD release, anticipating it along with my entire family, brought up all kinds of memories and such as we all discussed, pontificated, and theorized about future movies in this franchise.

I love comic books, but I’m not a hard core collector. Which means I’m not nearly as into the myriad incarnations and variations as my husband and son.

My primary exposure to comic book alpha heroes and female heroines came before my piano lessons each week. My piano teacher kept comics in the ‘waiting’ room. Probably to ease our nerves while we listened to other kids doing better (or worse) in their lessons.

Superman was fine. Holy graphic novel, there were lots of Batman comics. Captain America was great. Looking back, I still remember being delighted when a new Elektra would show up and my favorite of all was X-men! Like Avengers, X-men had the team element and that team was populated with kick-butt women.

It seems I’ve always been a fan of strong female heroines in my literature of choice. As a terribly shy young girl, it was awesome to see those female comic book heroines taking charge and keeping up with the guys.  Jean Grey, Storm, and Rogue were role models of a sort for me. They had all the normal female emotions and insecurities, but they knew how to think, assess, and take decisive action.

The Black Widow character in Avengers is just as tough without losing the mystique that makes her a memorable woman. I loved her role in the movie and I’m looking forward to her appearances in future Avenger films and spin offs.

Are you a fan of comic books – or the new Avengers movie?

Live the adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author


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