Defining the Alpha Female For Paranormal Romance

The alpha female runs the show right? Maybe, but I don’t believe having an alpha female lead in a paranormal romance means the other characters can be flat. Think about the ‘take charge’ people in your world. Would they be amused or suffer bouts of despair to be surrounded by ‘yes men’ at every turn?

My very first seriously kick-butt-take-no-prisoners alpha female, Jaden Michaels (Justice Incarnate) would’ve been even more irritable if the people around her simply agreed to everything she said. When she needed information, she found a way to get it, but she also listened to and enlisted the help of those characters with expertise to reach her goal.

Jaden, an alpha female had to address her strengths and accept her weaknesses in order to survive her assigned task in the story. As she encountered other characters and obstacles, she had to learn and grow and adapt.

Her hero couldn’t be a wimp, he had to have his own strengths to compliment and support hers. An alpha female in paranormal romance can’t be part of an effective team if the supporting characters don’t embrace their own strengths and earn her respect.

The story is a process and there is a necessary character arc for protagonists and antagonists or it won’t be a good read. But if the alpha female for paranormal romance starts out invincible, in charge, and aware of all the answers, where’s the adventure? A reader gets bored with perfect characters, just ask Donald Maass (The Fire in Fiction).

An alpha female for paranormal romance can take on any traits the author can imagine, but she can’t be the only vivid character or the story will fall flat for the reader.

Live the adventure!

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