Alpha Females For Your Kindle

Of course you can read alpha female heroines from a wide variety of authors on paper, on your Kindle, or anywhere you might want to read an eBook (with your favorite device or the appropriate app).

But I’m focused on Kindle today because of reader convenience and pricing.

All of the full length novels in my Shadows of Justice series, Justice Incarnate, Invasion of Justice, and Veil of Justice are only $2.99 each on Kindle.  That’s $8.97 for the entire series! One stop shopping and way less than the original $13.99 for just one trade paperback when the series was first released.

That’s a lot of alpha female, kick-butt adventure, and paranormal romance entertainment for one low price.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having a book in my hands and I love signing paperback copies of my books for fans. I think making options available is essential to meet reader expectations and demands. But saving money is important too. The eBook option is instant gratification. Personally, I’m more likely to test drive new-to-me authors when an eBook is value priced.

So today I’m the alpha female of saving!

How awesome is $8.97 for an entire series of paranormal romance!?! I write alpha female characters because I like empowered women who are willing to take physical and emotional risks to get what they want. Going the eBook route is one more way to stay in charge of expenses and entertainment.

(and I’ll happily autograph your Kindle if you like – just kidding!)

Live the adventure!

Oh! Through 9/23/10 you can visit From the Shadows and enter the Veil of Justice paperback giveaway!

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