Alpha Female Greyhound Finds The Angle

When people meet our adopted greyhound Boo, they usually think “Awww, sweet face!” And she looks so small next to Brody and Bandit, it’s natural to assume she gets pushed around.

You’d be wrong.

Boo is the alpha female of our pack of adopted greyhounds and as such, she’s an expert at getting exactly what she wants when she wants it. It’s not the irresistible face, it’s the attitude. This adopted greyhound is determined.

Two big boys between her and Daddy? No problem, if she can’t squeeze around, this adopted greyhound will find the opening and push on through! Momma giving loves to the greyhound puppy (who stands nearly six inches taller)? Boo will angle herself so her head is under Bandit’s chin and, to her greyt delight, closer to the Momma.

When she wants a couch, she doesn’t whine, this alpha female simply steps on up, curls into a corner and dares you to deny her. Okay- in that case, it’s the face and the attitude!

And when I need a photogenic adopted greyhound who usually cooperates with the camera, Boo’s my go-to alpha female!

Live the greyhound adventure!

For more information on adopting the right greyhound for you, look to the Adopt A Greyhound Guide. You’ll be helping retired greyhound adoption groups too!

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